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Frequent Questions & Answers


Can I cancel my order? 

We completely get it, we change our minds too! While we wish could, once an order is placed, we are unable to alter or cancel it at this time. We hope to have a cancellation window one day in the future. 

Should the item(s) not work out, make sure to exchange for a preferred style or return for a refund. As a reminder, domestic return shipping is free. 

What if I want to speak to someone? 

We want to speak to you too! Contact us with any questions, concerns, or feedback. We will be sure to get back to you within 48 hours. However, please note that inquiries sent on Fridays will receive a reply the following Monday, but possibly sooner. 
Phone: (563) 608-4520

Can you help me identify the specific decals and replicate my equipment?

Yes! We understand, there is ware and tare to equipment and toys so we can help identify the specific model needed through photos and clear descriptions.


How do you ship? 

We value satisfaction; therefore, we ship as quickly and effectively as possible through postal mail, FedEx and UPS.

Returns & Refunds 

How do I return? 

If you choose to return an order, please print out a return mailing order, package up the item responsibly and with care and ship back to the returning address. Return are expected within 15 days of the order date. 

Get in Touch: Have any questions about your order, or a general enquiry? Contact us:
Phone: (563) 608-4520

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